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Advanced Information Solutions, Inc., Founded In 1995 By Michael Daveler, Provides Security, Compliance And Related Services In All Locations And Industries.

Our company is known as an innovative security consulting firm specializing in high-level, cost-effective Chief Information Officer (CISO) and Compliance services.

We are focused on building out security programs and roadmaps, managing effective security programs and teams to protect organizations, and providing security and management guidance and expertise.



Michael Daveler, CISSP-ISSMP, C|CISO, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, QSA, QPA, PCIP,  GLEG, GPEN, Security+, MCSE
President and Founder


Mike is a visionary, goal-oriented Senior IT Security Executive with a 25+ year managerial, security and technical background, and has a unique combination of deep security, IT management and technical experience in planning, developing, and implementing information technology security solutions to address business and strategic needs. He is currently serving as a contract CISO for multiple clients both in the USA and globally.


He is involved in developing, implementing and managing security programs and teams, developing security metrics and reporting on them, performing internal and third-party/vendor risk assessments and formal audits, and the regular reporting of security program progress and accomplishments, as well as current risk profiles to Executive Management and Corporate Boards.

Mike has a demonstrated experience in planning, developing and implementing information technology security solutions to address business and strategic needs. He has strategically and cost-effectively utilized technology in alignment with corporate security goals, and has consistently improved security postures in enterprise environments. Mike displays a firm grasp of all aspects of risk assessment, asset management and protection, including physical security, audit and compliance, and network/information/IT security.

He uses strong leadership skills to guide and motivate teams toward achieving and exceeding goals, as well as maintaining client/customer satisfaction. He also remains abreast of changing trends by commitments to continuing education through attendance at seminars/webinars, and also by continuing to invest in additional security certifications.  All of this education, experience and expertise allows him to to effectively assess various client environments, thus allowing them to maintain competitive advantages.

His expertise in both the technical and management areas provides him with the ability to see things from the end-user, technical, and management perspectives. One of his strengths is the ability to use sound management principles to successfully design, implement and complete even the most challenging security projects. He also understands that technology introduction and expansion is only successful if it is designed to be effectively used by the individuals, and to have the plan clearly explained to management and to the end users.

In his consulting role, Mike has worked with a very diverse list of clients. On all engagements, however, he provided the same type of high-quality, high-energy focus that has allowed him to be extremely successful regardless of the size of the client or the scope of the engagement.

Prior to starting the company, Mike was employed in the legal profession for more than fifteen years in progressively increasing areas and levels of responsibility. For five years of that time Mike served as the Chief Information Officer/Chief Security Officer for the law firm of Cohen, Shapiro, Polisher, Shiekman and Cohen, a regional law firm that comprised 106 attorneys and more than 300 total employees with offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lawrenceville and Toms River, New Jersey.

As Chief Information Officer, Mike was responsible for the strategic, long-term and day-to-day operations for the implementation of technology on multi-user, multi-platform computer and telecommunications systems for the three offices. During his tenure he helped bring the firm from a stand-alone environment to one which was technologically above many of the top firms in the region. One of his greatest accomplishments was instilling a sense of leadership, camaraderie, and a "can-do" attitude in the MIS team. The leadership qualities seemed to take root-three members of the IT Team went on to become MIS Directors.

Prior to the Chief Information Officer position, Mike was a Senior Paralegal and Manager for eleven years at the law firms of Cohen Shapiro, Pepper Hamilton & Scheetz, Rothgerber Appel Powers & Johnson, and Hummel James & Mihalik. Mike primarily specialized in the management of complex litigation cases, utilizing computers and technology extensively for this purpose, with two of the larger cases being the Three Mile Island nuclear defense and the John M. King bankruptcy matter. This background provided him with extensive project management experience and subjected him to the rigors of intense pressure and time commitments needed for working under tight trial deadlines. He also managed and developed training programs for the firm's paralegals.